The Colorful Palette of this Garden, is Joy to My Soul!


The garden colors of pink, orange, purple, white and yellow speak for themselves.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  This the best garden yet!  But it is always a wonderful display.


The Garden is Painted in a Hue of Colors!

This year ‘s garden is the best, yet!  I did a few things differently this year.  Moving things around, changing methods and thinking it all out in a different way is all part of that wonderful gardening experience.

The peas are intertwining with the Scarlet Runner Beans.  I will have to take a better picture, but the shade from the Scarlet Runner Beans helps the peas not get too much heat.  To the right are the regular green beans and they grow taller every day, as they stretch spindly arms toward the sky.

Now, to the left are the purple beans.  They taste just like regular beans, except they are purple and have a wonderful purple flower.  The interesting thing about the Purple Beans is that when they are cooked they turn green.  They are fun to have in the garden.


Amazing Transformation!

This a before picture of what the garden looked like in the Spring.  Carefully, look at look at the ground.  What do you see?  Yep, lots of weeds and the garden box is a mess.  Now, look over at the shed and you will see a lot of the same.

I want you to look at the shed now!  Pretty amazing transformation!  In fact, I have to take more pictures, because it has changed even more now.  I have worked like crazy and I am very sore, but to me, it is worth it.  I love to see the results when it is all done.

Ahhhh.. that is me sighing in satisfaction.  This workspace was my canvas and I was able to create something beautiful upon it.  I am an artist and I love to create.  Gardening is very therapeutic for me and it fills me with joy.  I am happy to share my gardening journey with all of you.



Companion Charts or What?

Hey!   I decided to just concentrate on one vegetable at a time.  This way it can be more in-depth and hopefully more helpful.

Last week, I planted the Scarlet Running Beans.  They are beautiful with a wonderful red flower.  They taste good and they attract the hummingbirds.  Right next to them I planted the bush beans.  Most varieties seem to grow well and any you chose is fine.  The best plants to plant around them are Rosemary, Summer Savory or Nasturtiums.  I decided that the Nasturtiums attract way too many aphids.  Although, that is good it just bothers me too much to see so aphids in the garden.

This year, I will plant squash, tomatoes, and marigolds all around them.  These seem to work well together, which I have found out from last years garden.

I have also rotated all the plants around, for this is best for the soil.  I have just learned that beans fix nitrogen back into the soil.  Beans are great helper plants in the garden.

You see in these pictures that the Scarlet Runner Beans are in the middle of the garden close to the sunflower.  I made a mistake and planted them by the sunflower since they do do not do well by the sunflowers.  Underneath the sunflower, I had put green beans and they really did not do well at all.

So, remember that Beans also do well with cucumbers, celery, carrots, radishes, and peas.  I will plant Marigold plants all around the garden and around the edge of the garden bed.  They are the most helpful plants in the garden.

I am excited to see everything take shape.  There will be more pictures coming soon.

Until then, may you have some warm, sunny days to look forward to.

Companion Gardening! What is that again?

Hello, everyone!  This is a picture of last year’s garden.  I was pretty happy with it but as always there are things I learned and want to change this year.  I am always learning new things and that makes each new garden a challenge to design.  What I love about gardening is designing new layouts and creating areas where herbs, flowers, and vegetables can grow together, making an outdoor artistic picture.

So, onto companion gardening.  You say what is that?  Well, it is putting plants together that help each other.  Take the tomatoes, for instance, marigolds, borage and basil help keep certain bugs away from the tomatoes.  Also, basil and borage enhance the flavor of the tomato plants.

Marigolds are good throughout the whole garden.  This year I am going to plant them all around the edges of the garden.   Basil is good with tomatoes, but I

Basil is good with tomatoes, but I have found that it is best to plant them around the edges of the tomatoes.  Probably, about a foot away, because they tend to get overshadowed by the tomatoes ad then they cannot grow well.

Okay, next post I will have pictures, free grid download of where I am planting my things this year, and companion chart that you can follow.   So, stay tuned and I will be writing soon.

Until then, Happy Gardening!