Amazing Transformation!

This a before picture of what the garden looked like in the Spring.  Carefully, look at look at the ground.  What do you see?  Yep, lots of weeds and the garden box is a mess.  Now, look over at the shed and you will see a lot of the same.

I want you to look at the shed now!  Pretty amazing transformation!  In fact, I have to take more pictures, because it has changed even more now.  I have worked like crazy and I am very sore, but to me, it is worth it.  I love to see the results when it is all done.

Ahhhh.. that is me sighing in satisfaction.  This workspace was my canvas and I was able to create something beautiful upon it.  I am an artist and I love to create.  Gardening is very therapeutic for me and it fills me with joy.  I am happy to share my gardening journey with all of you.




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