Companion Charts or What?

Hey!   I decided to just concentrate on one vegetable at a time.  This way it can be more in-depth and hopefully more helpful.

Last week, I planted the Scarlet Running Beans.  They are beautiful with a wonderful red flower.  They taste good and they attract the hummingbirds.  Right next to them I planted the bush beans.  Most varieties seem to grow well and any you chose is fine.  The best plants to plant around them are Rosemary, Summer Savory or Nasturtiums.  I decided that the Nasturtiums attract way too many aphids.  Although, that is good it just bothers me too much to see so aphids in the garden.

This year, I will plant squash, tomatoes, and marigolds all around them.  These seem to work well together, which I have found out from last years garden.

I have also rotated all the plants around, for this is best for the soil.  I have just learned that beans fix nitrogen back into the soil.  Beans are great helper plants in the garden.

You see in these pictures that the Scarlet Runner Beans are in the middle of the garden close to the sunflower.  I made a mistake and planted them by the sunflower since they do do not do well by the sunflowers.  Underneath the sunflower, I had put green beans and they really did not do well at all.

So, remember that Beans also do well with cucumbers, celery, carrots, radishes, and peas.  I will plant Marigold plants all around the garden and around the edge of the garden bed.  They are the most helpful plants in the garden.

I am excited to see everything take shape.  There will be more pictures coming soon.

Until then, may you have some warm, sunny days to look forward to.


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