Companion Gardening! What is that again?

Hello, everyone!  This is a picture of last year’s garden.  I was pretty happy with it but as always there are things I learned and want to change this year.  I am always learning new things and that makes each new garden a challenge to design.  What I love about gardening is designing new layouts and creating areas where herbs, flowers, and vegetables can grow together, making an outdoor artistic picture.

So, onto companion gardening.  You say what is that?  Well, it is putting plants together that help each other.  Take the tomatoes, for instance, marigolds, borage and basil help keep certain bugs away from the tomatoes.  Also, basil and borage enhance the flavor of the tomato plants.

Marigolds are good throughout the whole garden.  This year I am going to plant them all around the edges of the garden.   Basil is good with tomatoes, but I

Basil is good with tomatoes, but I have found that it is best to plant them around the edges of the tomatoes.  Probably, about a foot away, because they tend to get overshadowed by the tomatoes ad then they cannot grow well.

Okay, next post I will have pictures, free grid download of where I am planting my things this year, and companion chart that you can follow.   So, stay tuned and I will be writing soon.

Until then, Happy Gardening!



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